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Aloha readers,

Happy New Year. Have you recovered from the hang over. New year, new you. Yes self reflection is important. Do write up on some resolutions and be sure to follow through them.

So I have been thinking of writing my own blog for a very long time. However , the new year resolution has finally brought me closer to my thoughts. I will be mainly writing about fashions trends, events in Melbourne, reviews about places in Melbourne, good food and occasionally about education ( as I am special needs teacher) . So, I hope you can stay tune and support me through this. Feel free to comment, suggest or discuss anything.

Cheers ,


New Year Resolution

So how is everyone going with your new year resolution, some might have started, some might still be thinking of a new start, and some others might not worry too much about resolution. To me Resolution is a must. It gives me with an opportunity to start something I always wanted to do. I would like to share my successful resolution story.

I am married to a young, vibrant, happy chirpy man who enjoys dancing. He does not just enjoys it, but dances very well too. In contrast , I am the opposite. I envy people who can dance and enjoy watching others dance. Unfortunately not very musically inclined. Can’t sing, play instrument or bloody dance for good. This slowly started causing problems to my marriage. My low self esteem and confidence caused lots of arguments with my husband especially at dinner parties where he often shows off his skills. Chitran’s extraordinary passion for dancing would seek so much attention from the dance floor, that very often people would stop, to record him dancing. I was very happy for him but would never be able to even try dancing next to him because, I was afraid about being recorded. Being very sweet, Chitran always tried very hard to convince me to dance with him. When other couples will be happily shaking it off, there will me hiding and watching chitran dancing alone. While sinking in my confidence, I felt terrible for Chitran as I was letting him down. It was an ugly feeling.

In 2016 I pledged that I want to make a difference to this. We discussed and started learning a famous Latin couple dance; Salsa. We attentively went to dancing school once every week for a month, then like every other resolutions, the consistency decreased. We went dancing classes every now and then but not frequently. We explored different schools, attended some salsa events to get into the community and witness the fun. The fights got worse at these events, when I see everyones dressed and danced so well, I thought I will never be able to do it.

But one thing I did right was never to give up, 2017 came and I continued working hard in my resolution of wanting to dance bachata and have good nights out. Guess what , at the end of 2017 I surprised myself with the number of parties I attended, the number dances I did. I just partied like never before, jigged like no one watched, drank like there was no tomorrow, shopped and dressed up so much. I felt so good about myself that Chitran and I would really enjoy our dancing nights. I started recording my own dances for social media purpose. I can now dance to have fun. This year, my resolution is to be able to perform bachata to a crowd. I feel very grateful for the support I received from my husband, dance teachers from Melbourne Salsa ( Kiki and Frankie), colleagues, friends and family.

If you are not to up a long draggy resolutions like me, maybe you can start a 30 day Resolution. Start up something very small that you always wanted to do. Pick up writing skills, or pick up a new language or even give up fast food. Apparently, 30 days is long enough period for you to start something that would go on as a habit. At the end of thirty day, you will be filled with joy of completing a full month of great memories.

Start today! Have fun. Enjoy life.

Life goes on regardless.


Reena M.Palanivelu